Nepal Entrance is a web application developed as a college project by ex-students of the Shanker Dev Campus (BIM Program). The system was developed with an initiation to provide online mock test facility along with practice facilities. Nepal Entrance Team had developed the application initially for the CMAT Examination only during the SDC Counselling 2016 but now with the redesign of the system the application also covers other area of entrance preparations like CTEVT, IOM, IOE, CSIT, BCA, CSIT, Bank Entry Examination etc.


  • To provide online platform for online entrance preparation in Nepal for all faculties.
  • To provide information on the different programs to the students regarding admission procedure and exam notices.
  • Provide free practice questions and help student know their abilities while preparing the examination.

Our Services

Online Learning

Learn about the different sections for the entrance preparation online. It gives instant result and correct your answers also. Learning Online conists of Verbal Ability Test, General Awarness Test, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Analysis , etc.

Online Test & Instant Result

Online Entrance Preparation Eaxm helps you to score better marks for the final test. The test is free and the results are published as soon the test is completed. The record of each test evaluates your performance and guides you.


Leaderboard shows your performance in comparision to other users. It shows the possibilities to get admission for your selected course.