Instructions for CMAT Examination

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Please read the following instructions carefully before you start answering the questions. The test carries 100 marks and it must be completed within 90 minutes. 
Test contents : There are 100 test items. The test covers four sections. The details of the test contents are as follows: 
Test Section                                             Number of Questions 
Verbal Ability                                          25 Questions 
Quantitative Ability                               25 Questions 
Logical Reasoning                                   25 Questions  
General Awareness                                25 Questions 

How to answer the questions ? 
Example 1: 
Directions : Fill in the blanks with the word, which best fits in with the meaning of the following sentences. 
Question: The chair is to be put in the …….. of the room. 
a. middle  b. center  c. central    d. mid 

Answer : Indicate your answer on the Answer sheet by darkening the correct answer choice (a) as shown below: 
•       (b)      (c)    (d) 

In case of wrong marking you may cross (X) the wrongly marked box and darken another box. 
If you feel the answer options provided are wrong you should mention at the bottom of the answer sheet. 


Other Important Instructions

1. Please detach the Answer Sheet from the question paper.   

2. Write your Roll Number on the Answer Sheet.

3. Do not write anything else in the Answer Sheet. If you need to do rough work, use any space available on the question paper.

4. Time yourself as you work on each section so that you complete the test within 90 minutes.

5. Each set of questions contains “directions”. Read those directions carefully before answering the questions.

6. Try answering all questions. There is no negative marking for wrong answer.

Sample Answer Sheet format for CMAT Examination

Answer Sheet for CMAT Examination