Q.N 1) What is budgetary control? What are the prerequisite to make budgetary control effective? Elaborate.

Q.N 2) Highlight on the function of leadership, describe the affecting factors in decision making.

Q.N 3) What are the differences between filing and indexing? Which type of filing method is suitable for the institution like a commercial bank? State with reasons.

Q.N 4) What are the basic objectives of communication in an office? Highlight on the considerable key points to achieve those objectives in an organization.

Q.N 5) Present a sample of job description for a senior assistant post of administration service of an office.

Q.N 6) Clarify the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM). Elaborate main dimensions of TQM related to human resources that suits to a financial institution.

Q.N 7) Hari deposited Rs. 2000 in a bank and Rs. 5000 in another bank in fixed deposit account to get interest @14 % annually from both of the banks. Of the first bank provide half yearly compound interest but the second bank provided yearly compound interest, which bank provided more interest in five years. Find.

Q.N 8) On Monday, there are 8 girls and 20 boys in a class. On Tuesday, certain number of girls joined the class but twice of that number, boys left the class. Then, the ratio of girls and boys became 7:4. How much boys had left the class on Tuesday.

Q.N 9) What is meant by fund in a bank? Why is fund managed? Explain.

Q.N 10) What types of risks a financial institution have to face nowadays? As per BASEL-II, how is capital adequacy ratio calculated of commercial bank? Clarify.