Q.N 1) Define motivation. How is the effectiveness of Maslow’s Hierarchy of need theory for the motivation in the banking sector of Nepal? State.

Q.N 2) Write down the interrelationship between conflict and stress. How can be the stress of employees managed in an office? Clarify.

Q.N 3) Write down the definition of record management. Which stage is most important in the record management cycle? Why? Describe.

Q.N 4) What various means of communication are used in modern bank and financial institutions? How does it help to management in decision making process? Explain.

Q.N 5) Clarify the similarities and differences between Total Quality Management and Quality Circle with appropriate examples.

Q.N 6) What is socialization in an organization? If an employee is not socialized after his/her selection and posting, what may happen in an organization? Explain.

Q.N 7) In Nepal, remittance has not been entered as expected through the banking system. What problems has it created? What measures should be adopted to make inward flow of remittance through banking system? Present your opinion.

Q.N 8) What do you understand by inter-branch and inter-branch transaction? State the method of checking accuracy of inter-branch and inter-branch transaction. Why is it necessary?