Q.N 1) What is data structure? Define Array, Queue and Stack data structure with example in detail.

Q.N 2) Discuss the operation of full order with circuit diagram and truth table. Why does Direct Memory Access (DMA) have priority over the CPU when both request a memory transfer?

Q.N 3) Distinguish between Circuit Switching and Packet Switching with appropriate example in detail.

Q.N 4) Name the four basic network topologies and explain them giving all the relevant features. Also, define Switch, Hub and Router. Why Router is best than other network devices? State.

Q.N 5) What is scheduling? What criteria affect schedule performance? What are the different principles which must be considered while selection of a scheduling algorithm?

Q.N 6) What are the differences between 32 bit and 64 bit architecture? Also explain difference between FAT and NTFS file system.

Q.N 7) Write the objectives of normalization in database. What is functional dependency? Describe the types and properties of FDs.

Q.N 8) Compare OLTP and OLAP systems. Explain the steps with a suitable block diagram.

Q.N 9) Explain the history of IT Policies in Nepal. Mention important features of ICT Policy 2072. How do you analyze the effectiveness of current ICT Policy in our country?

Q.N 10) Why is it essential to have separate IT Policies for organization, considering National IT Policy? Critically analyse the current NRB IT Guidelines.