Q.N 1) Discuss the main challenges occurred in the banking sector of Nepal.

Q.N 2) Why is loan classified in commercial banks? How the loan loss provision is made as per the directive of Nepal Rastra Bank? Describe.

Q.N 3) According to Bank and Financial Institution Act, 2073, explain in detail the works that can be performed by the commercial bank.

Q.N 4) Highlight on the various acts that are deemed to the “Banking Offences” under the Banking Offence and Punishment Act, 2064.

Q.N 5) Highlighting the importance of internal audit in banks and financial institution. Elaborate the functions, duties and rights of an internal auditor.

Q.N 6) How is double entry book keeping system more scientific than single entry book keeping system? Explaining, write the disadvantages of double entry system of accounting.

Q.N 7) What do you understand by inventory? How is inventory managed? Elaborate.

Q.N 8) Discuss about operational risk inherent in the transaction of commercial bank. Present the measures to be adopted to reduce the operational risk.

Q.N 9) What is internet? What is its importance? How does it differ with extranet? Clarify with giving examples.

Q.N 10) What is meant by databases? How can Data be secured? Write measures.