Q.N 1) Clarify in brief about the principles of management of Henry Fayol.

Q.N 2) What is decision?What factor affect the decision making capability?State.

Q.N 3) Prepare a simple letter to send to Rastra Banija Bank Limited,Central Office,Kathmandu,requesting to make necessary provision for waiting room,toilet and a guest room in the Branch Office of Rastra Banijya Bank,Bhojpur.

Q.N 4) What is office layout?What principles should a management follow to prepare an appropriate office layout?Describe.

Q.N 5) Describe training,explain the types of training.

Q.N 6) What do you understand by employee relation?How can a leadership strengthen employee relation?Mention.

Q.N 7) In parliamentary election,candidate"A" received 75 percent of total valid vote.Total vote was 5,60,000 of which 15 percent were declared invalid.How much vote did candidate "A"receive?Find.

Q.N 8) Ram,Shyam and Hari can complete a work in 24,32 and 64 days respectively.They worked together for 6 days.Then Ram left work.If Shyam also left the work before 6 days to complete the work,how many days took place to complete the work?

Q.N 9) Highlight on the provision of Clean Note Policy as provisioned by Nepal Rasra Bank.

Q.N 10) Describe the importance of inter-branch and inter-bank transaction.What transactions are included under these transactions.Write down with examples.