Q.N 1) How is the interrelationship between motivation and conflict in the process of work performance?How can conflict create to make an office productive?Discuss.

Q.N 2) What is difference between leadership and management?describe the role of leadership in an office management with example.

Q.N 3) Why is record management necessary in office?What benefit does an office get with the use of technology in record management?Explain.

Q.N 4) What is meant by public service?Highlight about the category and medium of Public service that government provides.

Q.N 5) What are the objectives of human resource management?How can a organization excute"Right man in Right place policy"?Describe.

Q.N 6) What is career?How is career planning prepared for the career development?Clarify.

Q.N 7) describe about the federal financial producers as per existing Constitution of Nepal and it's parctical application.

Q.N 8) Distinguish between written answer and written respond.In addition,what factors are considered while preparing a written answer?State.

Q.N 9) Explain the power of commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority relating to inquiries and investigation as per commission for investigation of Abuse of Authority Act,2048.

Q.N 10) According to Judicial Administration Act,2073,what are the condition to appeal in the Supreme Court?What are the similarity and difference between appeal and referral(sadhak)?Explain