Q.N 1) What is Economic Development?What are the challenges for the Economic Development in Nepal?Elucidate.

Q.N 2) what is meant by Public Debt management?Describe about various instrument of public Debt Management in Nepalese context.

Q.N 3) What types of financial transaction are allowed to 'Ga' Class financial institution as per bank and Financial Institution Act -2073?Explain.

Q.N 4) State about the achievements obtained by Financial Sector Reform project in Nepal.

Q.N 5) Write down the positive and negative aspect of current monetary policy that occured in financial sectors of Nepal.

Q.N 6) Differentiate clearly between cash Flow statement and Funds Flow Statement.

Q.N 7) What is bank reconciliation?Clearly mention about the reason and methods of preparing bank reconciliation statement in a bank.

Q.N 8) What type of transactions are called "off balance sheet transaction"? How such transaction are addressed while preparing a balance sheet in banking sector of Nepal?State.

Q.N 9) Why is'Liquidity ratio'(Liquid assets to Deposit ratio)considered an important indicator while operating a commercial bank?what does it indicate in a commercial bank while increasing and decreasing the liquidity ratio?Explain in brief.

Q.N 10) Mention the existing risks facing by a financial institution (Bank).How do the banks manage such risks?Write down.