Q.N 1) Why does commercial bank disburse loan? What principles a bank follows in loan disbursement? Explain in detail.

Q.N 2) Which party are involved in remittance transactions?What are the modes of remittance?explain

Q.N 3) What is the provision of crossed cheques according to Negotiable Instrument Act,2034?Elaborate

Q.N 4) Describe the functions, Duties right of Subscriber as per the Electronic Transactions Act,2063 Chapter-6.

Q.N 5) What is financial Statement?Why a commercial bank prepare a financial statement?Elaborate.

Q.N 6) Explain the headings that is included under Profit and Loss A/C.

Q.N 7) Among the methods of inventory management, which method is the most important?and why?Explain.

Q.N 8) Describe different methods of deprecation of fixed assets with example.

Q.N 9) According to Information Technology Guidelines issued by Nepal Rastra Bank, which point should be taken into account while developing software by bank financial institution?Write down.

Q.N 10) What is computer operating system?what function does the system perform?Write with example