Q.N 1) Why commercial Bank are called "Factories of Credit Creation"Justify with suitabe example.what points affect the process of credit creation?Describe

Q.N 2) Starting the major function,duties and power of Nepal Rastra Bank,write about the function not to be carried out by the Bank.

Q.N 3) What is money?Describe different forms of money with example.Why is paper money advantageous?write down.

Q.N 4) Write down about the financial structure of Nepal.What are the advantages of financial literacy?How does financial inclusion help to financial literacy?Explain.

Q.N 5) What is meant by Financial Ratios?State about the financial ratios that are used to measure the liquidity of business.

Q.N 6) Nepal Rastra Bank purchase a machinery costing Rs.25,00,000 on 2070/04/ has a policy to use diminishing balance method of deprecation @10% per annum. Assuming the facial year ends at the end of Asar each,prepare the machinery account for the first 5 years.

Q.N 7) Give an introduction of Record Management Cycle,how does a filing system help to effective Record Management?Describe.

Q.N 8) A,B and C can complete a work in 45,60 and 90 days respectively.They started work together and after 15 days,A left,B left the work 5 days earlier before completion of work and C did the remaining work alone.How many days C worked in total?

Q.N 9) In yearly compound interest rate, the amount of the sum becomes Rs.79,860 at the end of the third year and becomes Rs.87,846 at the end of fourth year.Find the rate of compound interest and the sum.

Q.N 10) The length,breath and height of a room are 14 ft, 10 ft and 9 ft respectively.The room has two windows of square shaped of 3 ft length and a door 6 ft x 2 ft.If all of the four wall have been coloured by white paints of that room,Find the area of the coloured parts.

Q.N 11) Find an appropriate measure of central tendency from the following data. Income( thousands) Below 50 50-100 100-150 150-200 200 and above No.of persons 15 25 40 20 10

Q.N 12) What is internet?Differentiate internet and extra-net with example.

Q.N 13) What are the guidelines of information disclosure and grievance handling in Nepal rastra Bank IT Guidelines?