Q.N 1) Elaborate the current status of Banking System in Nepal.

Q.N 2) Describe the types of deposits.Why does the interest rate differ in various types of deposits?Give reason.

Q.N 3) According to the Bank and Financial Institution Act,2073,clarify about the provision of the function,duties and power of Board of Directors.

Q.N 4) Elaborate about the sallent provision of Banking Offence and Punishment Act,2064.

Q.N 5) Clarify the objective of auditing.Why does final audit depend upon Internal audit?Describe.

Q.N 6) What are the qualities of good financial statement?Elaborate the major heading that are included under the financial statement.

Q.N 7) Why Weighted Average Method is considered more appropriate to First in First Out (FIFO) and Last in First Out(LIFO)Method?Clarify with example.

Q.N 8) What are the source of capital fund of commercial bank?Explain.

Q.N 9) What are the main feature of the IT policy issued by Nepal Rastra Bank?State.

Q.N 10) What is data security system?Why is it necessary in office?Describe.