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Engineering Aptitude Test

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Course Description

Institute of Engineering (IOE) conducts entrance examination; only those candidate who passes the entrance examination are deemed eligible for the admission. These eligible candidates can get admitted to any of the constituent and affiliated colleges according to the admission process followed by the corresponding college. The admission process practiced by the constituent colleges is the same, but the process followed by the affiliated colleges may differ from one another.

IOE, BE/BArch Entrance Examination Course and examination system Educational year 2074 and 075.

Time : 2 Hours


Test SectionNumber of Question
Engineering Aptitude Test18

Payment Information

The applicant must deposit an amount of NRs. 2,000 in IOE Entrance Examination Board in any branch of Siddhartha Bank Limited of Nepal by filling up the specially prepared voucher for the applicant by the bank. The applicant must enter the voucher no. in online form.